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Thread: Nightfall in CBD

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    Default Nightfall in CBD what area is critique to be sought?

    I will like feedback on the composition.
    I have composed the picture this way because I want to show the beautiful light on CBD area. Some may think that the bridge on the lower right is a bit distracting to viewer but i think is alright and compose it onto my photo.

    Wish to learn more from the senior over here to improve on all the stuffs that i should take note of.


    2.what one hopes to achieve with the piece of work?

    I want to show the beautiful night in CBD through the picture.

    3.under what circumstance is the picture taken? (physical conditions/emotions)

    I took this picture while rushing to helix bridge. while stopping to tie my shoelace, i notice the sky above the CBD building is beautiful. therefore i took this photo instead of helix bridge for the golden hour shot

    4.what the critique seeker personally thinks of the picture

    Personally, I like this picture because i think it is beautiful for my standard. 1st nightout on my 1st dslr and 1st critique.
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    Default Re: Nightfall in CBD

    overall. this looks like a nicely exposed photo that look well balanced too.

    onto the minor details. the buildings are leaning towards the centre. have you consider straightening out the vertical will help?

    The crux in this photo to me is railing of the footbridge to the floating platform merged with the water edge of the marina bay. Probably you may want to reposition yourself such that there is a clear separation.
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    Default Re: Nightfall in CBD

    - For someone who has taken up photography for less than a month (according to your signature), you've done remarkably well. Keep it up!
    - Nice exposure and colours. You shot this at about the right timing when the sky is starting to get darker and also more blue. The exposure is quite balanced. Good job
    - I like the red lights under the Fullerton bridge. It adds a bit of contrast to the scene.
    - your settings seem to suggest that you've grasped the basic concepts of landscape photography.
    - the left-right balance of the buildings in the frame is not bad.

    Suggestions for improvement:
    - try to keep camera level, to prevent/reduce keystone distortion.
    - try not to chop off the reflections
    - consider a slightly different composition to prevent the bridge from 'cutting' into the buildings in the background.

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    Default Re: Nightfall in CBD

    thx bro coolthought and ZerocoolAstra. Will take note of the feedback. i should position my tripod a little bit higher in that situation in order to seperate the dock and fullerton hotel as suggested by one pentaxian bro.
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    Default Re: Nightfall in CBD

    Maybe even as you move on into photography, you might want to learn some HDR techniques to further enhance this pic.

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    Great start. Next up maybe you want to lookup on correcting keystone (perspective) distortion.

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    Default Re: Nightfall in CBD

    I think its a great start too.

    However, I don't think there's any spot around which you can elevate yourself to get a perspective with more separation between the pier and buildings. The pier does create an unbalanced composition. Being a distraction is one thing but I really don't like the fact that it broke up the reflection of the buildings, while throwing its own reflection that goes beyond the frame. You might want to consider moving closer to the pier and use it as a foreground interest to design your composition.

    I don't have to elaborate on the keystone effect I guess.

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    Default Re: Nightfall in CBD

    thx ismokeweed79, daredevil123 and Kit Bro for the kind comments.
    HDR photo looks great. remember reading it on one of the magazine showing HDR on train.. i was like
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    Default Re: Nightfall in CBD

    exposure is fine.

    timing is good as well.

    composition - inclusion of pier not to my liking, it merges too much with your buildings. as mentioned, greater separation via a higher perspective might make this ok, but there are no available options save that of driving a crane there to shoot, which would certainly be hard (or impossible).

    also, as mentioned, the keystone effect is not so desirable here.

    personally, i don't think hdr will work well here, you have a backlit scene, it is going to be unnatural to have too much shadow detail. you could consider lifting the shadows here a smudge, but too much would make this unnatural.

    keep shooting.

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    Default Re: Nightfall in CBD

    The exposure is good and the timing is well chosen. The bridge is merged into the buildings behind, there is no seperation, in this case you could move to a higher vantage point to split the bridge from the buildings or shoot from the bridge itself. Good attempt overall
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    Default Re: Nightfall in CBD

    night86mare & Override2Zion thanks for the comments. Merry Christmas.
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