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    Hi, Im looking to get an ND filter and was wondering - is a 3 stop ND filter enough to have the effect of clouds moving etc? Thanks

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    to get the clouds moving effects, you need long exposure like a few seconds,
    to get this effects with 3 stops ND filter, you need very fast moving clouds and a very dark sky.

    usually using a Hoya ND 400, or B+W ND110 is more suitable.
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    with my experience.. the 3 stop nd is quite useful for moments just before sunset and sunrise. A ten stop nd would be too difficult and long to get a sufficiently bright picture.

    But do try to get the ten stop.. it is a nice filter to have and is very fun for minimalistic pictures where things are moving.

    Do note there is colour casts of magenta when stacking a few square filters together. It is a normal occurrence and can be corrected with photoshop.


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