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Thread: Service for replacing a crack optical view finder

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    Default Service for replacing a crack optical view finder


    I am new to photography... Bought a camera 2 days ago. Due to my negligence, I did not check the optical viewfinder. Cannot blame anyone for my mistake. Now that I see the crack, I hope to do something to it. So just want to check if I can ever replace the cracked optical view finder.

    Anyone can help to answer? Thanks.

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    the shop you bought from should have a 7 day 1 to 1 policy
    not 100% guarantee though

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    Thanks for your information.

    I am ready to accept the fact that they might not change the camera for me. Actually, I wanted to know if there is such a service in shops or whatever to take out the faulty optical viewfinder and fit in a new one.


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    best is to go back to the shop to ask.
    excellent shop will do a 1 to 1 exchange
    average shop will direct u to the manufacturer for repair
    lousy shop will ignore you since you have already parted with your money

    all the best


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