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    Anyone here subscribes to Outdoor Photographer or Practical Photography? I have not received any copies for the last few months. Whilst both companies have been nice enough to extend my subscriptions I think something funny is going on since I initially received a few copies then it stopped. Tried calling up singpost they tell me nothing they can do. My other non-photography magazines are still arriving as per normal, wonder if there is a photog postman with itchy hands?

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    i just got my latest issue of Practical Photography. I subscribe with Basheer (Bras Brasah) and they will always call me once the magazine arrives so i can pick up personally.

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    I subscribed directly from the publishers, think I'm going to change address to another place. Everyone playing taichi on me and I've got no recourse.

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    taichi is good for health. so is pingpong.

    just threaten to cancel suscription if they dun get to the bottom of this. works for singtel everytime

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    actually practical photography and outdoor photographer have been quite nice extended my subscriptions. it is singpost playing taichi, doesnt make sense to have two different magazines initially arriving then subsequently go mia. simple rules of probablity, if a mag has 5% chance of going missing, two going missing together independently (not unfair assumption these are magazines originating from two places) is much much smaller that's why I suspect someone is doing something funny.

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    I think there was an article (and alot of feedbacks to the forums) that singpost is having some issues delivering their packages on time and quite some of them going missing, especially this busy period. It was even quoted that they do not discount that packages can get stolen whilst in midst of sieving etc. The article went on to say that when packages get sent to a wrong address or land up with somewhere else (other then the desinated place), people usually keep them as they are deemed to have "more value".

    TS, hope you find some recourse soon. It can get real frustrating with missing packages!
    Licence to shoot.

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    the best I can do now is to change address, the problem isn't just the last few weeks. It's been mia for months and both magazines were nice enough to extend my subscriptions despite repeated reports of missing magazines!

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    Didn't know if you guys noticed, I have on three occasions, small parcels delivered by
    Singpost/Speedpost by people in casual-wear. They told me they contracted by Singpost.

    I think Singpost have contract-out all letters/parcels delivery to 3rd-party contractors.


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