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    I've made some wallpapers using a selected few of the favourite pictures that i've taken. Please do tell me which one you like! Feel free to use them to decorate your desktop! but please do not use them for other purpose without my permission.
    Oh, and these are for 1024x768 screen... the other resolutions and more will be available once the revamp of is done.
    Bpatient. The wallpapers are saved in high quality so as to do my photos justice.....
    1. Eternal Flame
    2. Bright Future
    3. Spirit In The Sky
    4. Work Of Wonders
    5. Golden Sunset
    6. Sunday Highway
    7. Falling Waters
    8. Yellow Glory
    9. A Beautiful Life
    10. Leaf Of Life
    11. Red Blossom

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    great job!

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    er... tis is getting errie... u're from dmd right?... gee... one of the pic looks reallie reallie familiar...

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    yeah, i'm from DMD.....
    familiar? maybe you have seen it at my artlog before or something?

    thanx lefei

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