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Thread: Battle of the lens

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    Default Battle of the lens

    Copyright Sulhan 2004

    The proposed objective of this outing is as follows:

    1) To determine the lens characteristics
    2) To conduct a survey of lens AF speed, build quality and handle
    3) To meet up with each other to learn photographic technique
    4) To apprise photos

    If you are often puzzled about the performance of Minolta and 3rd party lens.

    If you are keen to know the attributes of the lens(colour, sharpness, bokeh, distortion, pincushion and AF) .

    This outing is for you.

    Date : 3 July 2004
    Time : 9:15 am till lunch time
    Venue : Near Fullerton Hotel

    More info please click here and here
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    Session 1 was over. check it out :
    Objection !!!


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