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Thread: Outdoor Model Shoot...

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    Try Fort Canning Park very good scenery view and suitable place for model shoot there.

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    i went once....not too fantastic le...

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    Oh no, did I just see 11th July? ...... You all don't mind I bring one more person along? (not shooting though, may be can help as assistance or something). Oh yah witness, the time confirm 9 - 12? If we all wanna shoot some oldy building, afternoon - evening will be a better timing. Can we confirm a theme and location first?

    Choice 1: Moody, Happiness and Sadness feel.
    Choice 2: Cheerful, Enjoy feel.
    Choice 3: Busy, Office Lady feel.


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    change to 18.....sorry....cheerful u decide la....i let her know..

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    Okai...then we make it 18th July @ Sentosa, any objection?

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    18th i can't make it..

    you guys go ahead

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    Anyway Witness why change date?

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    nope....model is agreeable...sentosa where....we got like 3 hrs....its not good to make her move about alot....she will be in trendy no bikini forget about beach ahah..

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    Witness, I think we better stick to 11th if not one man down (lytefunk). Or we have to get the reserve list.

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    reserve list got 2 not a prob.....11th i tink the model cannot make it.....i told her 18th now hurry up settle place can liao...

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    Sentosa will be fine for me. How about others?

    Date 18th July
    Time 8:30 (meet at Harbour Front station control)
    Location Sentosa


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    i will let the model know....dun mind can u try to get the reflector...coz i will be on exercise till then....

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    No prob, will get it from ESPN, so who is our reserve? And 300N know the details already???

    Oh for Sentosa......I will be going there this coming week to recce (so call lah, have to entertain my gf). Will show you all the places and we choose then.

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    hmmmm....i was tinking keep the shoot simple....we try lost civilisations and the beach...southernmost part of singapore these two areas can liao...

    models get tired very easily..

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    me everyday can i join in? thnx =)

    oh ya wait i can eb xtra manpower to help u set up all the props

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    Default wanna sell your 300D, anyone??

    wanna sell your 300D, anyone??

    1)so, 300D doesn't seem a hot item so far, any body regretted buying and wanna sell his 300D??

    2)any update of upcoming fashion show in town(Singapore), wanna shoot.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Witness
    $30 a person.....4 max...its a 3 hour shoot...

    Date: 18 jul 2004
    Time: 9-12am
    Place: to be confirmed

    model will be doin her own make will be a trendy shoot...

    so depending on who's goin we can discuss here.....coz its juz for o us....keep stuff free and easy....

    photo of model i will upload asap....


    two more spaces...

    18 I could make it, I don't mind to be in the reserve list.
    At the end of Sophia road got quite a number of old houses, have you tried that place?

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    Latest update by Witness, he MIGHT not be able to make it on 18th (NS matter....haai). Is 300N and Yezrah ok with the change IIIIIIFFFF there's a need?

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    Quote Originally Posted by T16
    18 I could make it, I don't mind to be in the reserve list.
    At the end of Sophia road got quite a number of old houses, have you tried that place?
    Thanks, will take note...

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    Default long the shoot can be kept on a sunday morning........

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