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Thread: Getting lens at HK..

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    Default Getting lens at HK..

    I've visited a shop selling the Tamron non-vc 17-50mm selling around S$450 (not grey water goods)

    But there is only one of it for pentax mount. How should i check the lens (I have my dslr here) if they allow me to mount it before buying, since i heard alot of tamron issue with this lens.

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    it depends on how stringent you want to be.

    this is what i do - i mount it, make sure it focuses and meters fine.

    shoot wide open, stabilised, and with timer

    shoot stopped down a little, then at f/8

    test both ends of the lens (17 and 50)

    if it looks sharp enough for my purposes, it's fine.

    btw, better check the warranty policy for tamron in singapore, they might not accept hk warranty.

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    Thanks for the heads up. I'm not worried about SG warranty. I have family members in HK so its easy for me. The price in HK is just so tempting for tamron.


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