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Thread: Abandoned :B/W series

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    Default Abandoned :B/W series

    Mostly shot at a traditional factory manufacturing haw slices in Peking. Comments appreciated as always

    #1 : Wasteland

    #2 : Wild Garden

    #3 : Broken Traditions

    #4 : Locked In

    #5 : Locked Out
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    I like #3. The crack in the glass features nicely against the blurred out background.

    The rest don't do it for me. Lack of subject to hold interest.

    Btw, What cam did you use? If you shot with film, what did you use?

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    Thanks for the advice. Will try to work on it
    Used my favourite FM2 with Kodak Max 400
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    3rd shot best for me, but would have been better if the background is slightly in focus a bit more... blur but not too bokeh'd out.

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    Hmm very true. What i actually wanted was to show just enough detail but i think i ended up showing too little. Good point. Thanks!
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    agreed.. I like the 3rd pic too.. the crack glass captures the essense.. very deserted and forgotten place.

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