just to share my experience on a cab yesterday:

boarded the cab and instantly got scolded for booking a cab near a cab stand by the cabbie. totally stunned. constantly digging his ear and had that 70s "airplane head" hairstyle.
and while gesticulating wildly and cursing everything including me, he was driving at 100km/h swerving in and out on the CTE, and at the same time cursing other drivers who tried to avoid his cab, and asked me "boy ah? why those other drivers drive like that? so dangerous! never treat life with care...see how i drive! so safe!"

and i was glued to my seat super scared.

and today:

filtering lanes to the left on my bike so i signalled left. as i entered the left-most lane, a car going at 140km/h i guess (i was going at 100km/h) suddenly swerved in from behind me, from the lane i was just in, and i managed to avoid it at the last moment because i happened to check the mirror again.

thank God there wasn't a car in my previous lane as i swerved back out to the right to avoid the speeding car. the car slowed down and the driver, a lady, glared at me as i went past her.

very lucky that she didn't chase me, get out of the car and start throwing her makeup at me in a bout of road rage while shouting at me