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Thread: Worst waiters at Clark Quay Satay Club (King Satay)

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    Default Worst waiters at Clark Quay Satay Club (King Satay)

    Went there last night with children, family and friends.

    Called the waiters 5-6 times just to place an order. Perhaps so many of us, they just pretended do not see us. They preferred sit and wait or walked around. Seems like they do not want my business.

    When "Ang Moh" asked for bill, the waiter would walk to their table and get payment from them.
    When Asian asked for bill, the same waiter would point at the cashier. Cause saw 2 Angmoh and 3 asian asked for bill.

    I have complained to their manager.
    Probably would not go there anymore.

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    If I'd wanna go for Satay, I'll prefer to goto my house kopitiam downstairs where they serve great Satay at juz 0.40cents a stick, jio my friend out, have a bottle of Tiger, eat some nice and cheap Satay while we rant abt the world and our work....


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