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Thread: Helix & MBS

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    Default Helix & MBS

    **Replace with another photo with longer exposure, i think 13 sec for this.
    Not sure whether this is a better one.

    1. In what area is critique to be sought?
    The composition, exposure and whether the sharpness is there.
    (No post-processing with any software, raw out from the camera)

    2. What one hopes to achieve with the piece of work?
    The beauty of Singapore City-Skyline.

    3. Under what circumstance is the picture taken? (physical conditions/emotions)
    Taken @ around 10pm at night. Prior to that, was raining in the late afternoon.

    4. What's the critique seeker personally thinks of the picture?
    Maybe a little too bright on the MBS area? If i shorten duration to 8sec, would it be better?
    For info, it was taken at 18mm, 10sec, F10, ISO100.

    Please kindly feel free to comment & advise. Thanks in advance!
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    Default Re: Helix & MBS

    I'm no expert, so I'm just giving my opinion.

    I like the picture. MBS and the helix reflection looks great. Calmer waters would push this photo further but that's not really something that can be done.
    I can't help but notice that there's a thin tinge of white mist in the atmosphere which sort of soften the picture. If you had the RAW file of this picture, maybe you can increase the black level to lighten the mist effect?

    Hope this helps.

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    Default Re: Helix & MBS

    I personally feel that the picture is a little over exposed on the MBS area and the overall colour is rather dull. Sharpness is there but i feel that theres a bit too much space on the bottom. Could have improved on the contrast a little. Just my 2 cents. =). Hope to see more photos coming in!

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    Default Re: Helix & MBS

    Just sharing my opinion. Your exposure is not right. Slightly dull. Should have increased the shutter speed longer to attain a much proper exposure. Since the exposure is not long enough, the photo looks dull overall. Nothing interesting awakes me. And why dont you do post processing? It could have been alot better with editing, such as tunning the contrast or hype up the shadows. By increasing the shadows the grays on the building will look blacker, so that the lights in the building can be enhanced even more. The reflection in the river looks alright to me. To be honest, this is a common shot that i also tried taking it before. Many have posted similar shots before. =D

    Hope this helps.

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    Default Re: Helix & MBS

    is this strait out of camera? coz its dull... but the composition is there...

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    Default Re: Helix & MBS

    Hi all,
    Thanks for the advise.
    Yes, it is straight out of the DSLR. No PP done at all.

    How do i improve the contrast? Photo editing?
    To take out the 'Dull' feeling, is to apply some editing, or using longer exposure?
    Sorry for all the noob questions.

    Dun really like to edit photo, kinda 'er, you know'...
    Furthermore pretty noob in it, maybe wait till i know how to.
    Dun flame me.. I know it's very subjective
    Nevertheless, I reckon all great photos go thru PP.
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    Default Re: Helix & MBS


    Just to add on, photo editing does not necessary means "faking" a photo. Photos are edited to enhance the way it feels, or to make slight corrections such as correcting the exposure, straighting a photo etc etc. Of course, there are advanced editing out there, with some heavily digital manipulation etc etc... Like what you said, subjective. Well, ultimately, it's your choice. For me, i would recommend spending some time on it, cos it certainly helps in producing the final product.

    For this case, the photo is already half dead. (and now, why is your photo gone? i cant do reference liao) You nid slightly longer exposure if not increasing the exposure in photoshop could bring out the unwanted noise. Best if you can retake it. Tt's my opinion. Before doing editing, we often have to try and get a proper exposure, so that editing task would be much more simpler.

    It's often a good experience. Keep shooting yeah~!

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    Default Re: Helix & MBS

    Can't see the peekture~~

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    Default Re: Helix & MBS

    picture seems to have been deleted.

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    Default Re: Helix & MBS

    Hmmm... I downloaded the copy and did some minor PP. Since TS remove the photo, not sure his intention?
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    Default Re: Helix & MBS

    Oops so sorry. Replace the with another photo but with longer exposure.
    Not sure why it didnt come up.. just manage to get it up.
    Just wondering whether this one is better.
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    Default Re: Helix & MBS

    I think the composition is good. I like the bridge leading in from the top left corner and its reflection from the bottom left corner. Would have preferred to leave a bit more clearance above the MBS during cropping though, find it a little tight now. The exposure is ok but the image is a little dull. I think a little adjustment to the gamma level, levels on the sky and water and overall contrast would make this an even better looking photo
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    Default Re: Helix & MBS

    Hmmm, contrary to the rest, I find this photo not sharp. TS hope you don't mind. Was the IS on or off when you shot this? Me just a noob, so please pardon me

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    Default Re: Helix & MBS

    This is taken in 'Neutral' mode.
    Maybe If i use 'Vivid' mode, the picture would look better and sharper?

    Yes, the VR is swtich off. Maybe it's the mist that make the pic soft?
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    Default Re: Helix & MBS

    Quote Originally Posted by Kopred View Post
    This is taken in 'Neutral' mode.
    Maybe If i use 'Vivid' mode, the picture would look better and sharper?

    Yes, the VR is swtich off. Maybe it's the mist that make the pic soft?
    AFAIK, Neutral and Vivid are only colour settings: they will not make an image sharper of softer in any way.

    Sharp images right out of the camera is generally dependent on whether the body supports in-camera sharpening, which for DSLRs is typically not activated by default or even available as an option.

    And it goes without saying that no sharpening will be done at all if it was shot in RAW: you're expected to do your PP on software.

    As for your pic, I'm no means a decent photographer, but 13s is very conservative shutter speed for a night shot on ISO 100, considering that you took the shot at F13. At that setting, i'd think you can easily go for something like 20s and get away with minimal overexposure.
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