Now it is winter. So will describe winter packing.

Walkabout to a park or near the house
Fijifilm F200EXR
Spare battery
2 packs of tissue
Lens pen (to brush off snow on the lens)
Gorillapod SLR

All inside coat pocket - no bag needed

Travelling - Landscape
Pacsafe - Camsafe 200
7D + efs 10-22mm + Lens Hood
ef 50mm 1.8 or Industar 61 L/Z or Helios 44m-6 or CZJ Pancolor 50mm 1.8
M42 to eos adapter
extra battery
extra CF card
cable release
Assorted B+W filters
Soft brush (to brush off snow on the lens)
Cleaning cloth (for my specs)
extra $$ pouch (EUR/USD/local currency)
2 pack tissue paper (to blow nose)
La Gourmet thermal flask with black coffee
1 Piece of white paper
Pencil & Pen + Post-aid pad
2 large plastic bags
1 small carabina (to clip the zip tab together)

Benro tripod + Ballhead in Tripod bag