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Thread: Bromo next week, anyone?

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    Default Bromo next week, anyone?

    hi...i'm planning a (very) last minute trip to bromo next week (14 Dec TO 16 Dec), and are wondering if anyone is interested to join me. PM me.

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    Default Re: Bromo next week, anyone?

    aiya back from there in Oct.
    Anyway please do share with us your planning / itinerary.
    My trip also very last min, ends up too tiring due to lack of info and planning.

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    Default Re: Bromo next week, anyone?

    isn't it very active now?

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    Default Re: Bromo next week, anyone?

    I'm probably popping by there in January, I'm curious how your trip turned out!

    Regarding volcanic activity, it's always been smouldering actually. Recently got a couple of eruptions, but the activity alert toned down liao.

    I'm curious about weather and photographic conditions though. Bro, please share.
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    Bromo erupted about 3 weeks ago, and yes the alert level is down, but it is still spewing volcanic ashes. Quite a sight to behold actually. I've posted some photos here:

    Will post more later.

    Shen Siung - I'll post more details on that thread as well later.

    Lujke85 - It is winter now, so weather is a bit cool. Daytime temp ~ 25C, Nightime and morning ~ low 10C. But wind and rain during this time of the year means it gets pretty chilly. You might want to consider changing your plan if you want to have a good chance to see Bromo during sunrise at Mt Pananjakan. I went up for 2 morning, but it was so foggy that there is basically nothing to see. It was a complete white out. I was told this could happen frequently during the rainy season (Dec-Jan). PLus if you want to do the crater walk, you should monitor the volcanic activity, cos currently there is a 1KM NO-Go zone.

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    Default Re: Bromo next week, anyone?

    bleukrabbe, thanks for the updates. Bromo's gonna be a stop for me along a yogyakarta-bali stretch, so if conditions aren't too good, i'll just spend less time there and more time in other places.

    And awesome photos, btw.

    Do update us with the itenary! I'm also keen to know.
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