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    Hi guys, anyone into time lapse photography? would like to find out where you purchased your intervalometer? thanks!

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    It's built-in for higher end Nikons. D300 has it, check your manual to see if your camera has it.

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    If the one built into your camera only provides a limited number of shots and you need an intervalometer that provides unlimited shots, look into the Nikon MC-36.

    If the Nikon MC-36 is too expensive, you can find less expensive ones in Hong Kong like this one that I use.
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    there are a few advertisers selling it, do check it out at Mass Sales, or you can call up Orient Photo or TK Photo
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    Besides time-lapse photography, the intervalometer also allows you to set long exposure for star trails. Therefore, if you have the interest, you may wanna invest in one.

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    thanks for the suggesstions.! ill go read up other threads and learn more which brand to get


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