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Thread: Photo Galleries's pics being leeched

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    There a poster in Sg girls appropriately called Thief69... seemed all his pics are from the posters here

    Even have evildolly pic there.
    Gallery | Facebook Page Spreading the Good photography.

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    Is the guy stealing bandwidth, or downloading the pictures, then serving them from his webserver?
    If he's stealing bandwidth, that's fixed by editing the .htaccess file on your server, I believe

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    i think thats no choice lor...

    apart from putting up watermarks.. thats really nothing we can do right?

    just like the problem with pirated cds / mp3...

    think a different way, they post your images because they think you took it very well... they "admire" your work what.. then you don't feel so sore?

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    Quote Originally Posted by cjl
    Wonder what is the views/feelings on these pple......
    I think we are Si Peh Sian.

    Quote Originally Posted by cjl
    ......what action you guys do to prevent more of these leeching happening?
    Nothing unless you want to be our lawyer.

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