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Thread: Old Tampines Road

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    Quote Originally Posted by daredevil123 View Post
    Yes... number 2 is not very "nice"... same thing for the original pic on page one... Never have lines going between the legs of your subject... leading eyes to all the wrong places...
    Oh.. I thought it look good to me.. ok I will take note of it. I will note it down in my photography book.. Its where I learnt from mistake and listen to the experienced.. I rem there's a movie where the mum tells a son, you think its nice doesn't mean its nice to others.. Thats why I say the 3 shots look ok to me but not sure the seniors do with the 2nd shot we thought the best.. I really love critque corner.. learn and learn to get better..

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    Quote Originally Posted by ClemC View Post
    Since we are at the pictures again.. just want you to also take note..
    A few Bros has said Angles are now better.. guess most prefer #2.. I will go for either #2 or #3..

    If you decide on #2, just take note of another smallish issue.. the centre road marking is also another leading line.. (quite a bright one as well).. do note it is leading up and throught your wife's legs.. not very good.. simple solution, just close the legs.. stop the leading lines with the person..

    Good to know you are keen to get comments (good or bad).. guess people are willing to critique if you are willing to listen.. Happy Shooting!!..
    Ok.. thank you.. Will note down in my book..

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    Quote Originally Posted by coolthought View Post
    ts. I wonder if having some sort of simple props might help with your composition. Maybe a hat, flower, etc.
    Wow.. Thats what I want.. I want her to bring a "Guess Bag". Fully dressed up with sunglasses and post some model's walk.. with a 580ex II flash in front of her and back.. that why I bought a wireless transmitter.. too bad the weather...

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    Quote Originally Posted by clioboy View Post
    good effort for trying and reshooting..

    rem u want your wifey to look pretty in your shots too..not just abt the technical bits..

    her grimance (from the sun glare) just don't cut it from me
    Ya.. haha that day was really too bright and sunny.. mistake learnt..

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