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Thread: Hong Kong: places to get new/used camera stuff and places to visit

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    Default Hong Kong: places to get new/used camera stuff and places to visit


    anyone would like to share their experiences?

    I'm looking for non-touristy places to explore and good deals.

    Would HK be cheaper to get camera stuff than in Singapore?

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    Just discovered this place in HK last week. It is called the Tung Ying Building at 100 Nathan Road Kowloon. There are 2 shops at the ground floor that sells new and 2nd-hand photo equipment. Enter the building's main entrance from Nathan Road and walk towards the end of the hallway. The 2 shops are quite close to each other.
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    If you like the beach, there are a few good ones. There's a place on Hong Kong island called Shek O. Really beautiful beach and fantastic hiking trails and scenery to shoot. If you want to eat sea food and maybe go out to some islands you could also got to a place called Sai Kung and catch a sampan not very expensive too (the sampan ride i mean). There's a beach in Sai Kung only excessable by hiking trail. About an hour or so. Seen a few pics some of the locals here showed me, looks fantastic!! Never been though, dont think i want to hike in summer here, too hot!!!


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