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Thread: tips on buying a second hand film camera body

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    Default tips on buying a second hand film camera body

    Hi All,
    just joined clubsnap and think it is a wonderful place for learning and sharing thoughts and experiences about photography. I am currently living and working in Hong Kong but would like to purchase a second hand film camera body but have never purchase second hand camera equipment before. Was looking at Canon EOS 1V. I would like to know what to look for in terms of wear and tear and what kinds of questions to ask the salesperson. To top it off, I cant speak any Cantonese, so it's gonna be a challenge for me to get a decent body and a good price as well. I guess i would be looking at some second hand lenses too. Any sagelike advice will be greatly appreciated!!

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    Thanks for your response!
    I went to a place in Kowloon called Champagne Court. Lots of second hand 1Vs on sale!! But will read the online manual first.

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    Dont use second hand film

    You'll get the feeling of dejavu.


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