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    Hello all I took this on a rainy day and I'm looking for feedback mainly about the composition and the colors of the photo as you can read from the title of the photo, Im trying to bring out the point-of-view of a person driving under the influence of alcohol where everything just seems so blurr, out of focus and stoned-out (: thanks

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    It feels more like a sad person looking out to the right while driving in the rain... The spots of lights trying to console the depressed driver...

    To fit the title of drunk driving, maybe should have another vehicle coming head on or a front view of the windscreen with lights from a police car behind, reflected by the rear mirror... technically impossible

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    Quote Originally Posted by Eworms View Post
    It feels more like a sad person looking out to the right while driving in the rain...
    I agree with this..

    It looks like the car stopped and you're just looking out cause the image looks very still, there isn't really much movement going on with the cars outside the window, movement which would've made the plight of the supposedly drunk person driving the car more dangerous. :/

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    try to desaturate the picture. Turn it to Black & white. it will give u a different feel of the picture

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    Eh? You drive and shoot ah? Not very safe leh~

    Anyway, I think it does not say much about drunk driving. I think if you have some distortion to the picture, it will then look like drunk picture. Ain't drunk drivers see things distorted and blur? Looks more like lost contact lens and drive.
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    I think it would fit the theme better if a similar shot was taken through the front windscreen showing part of the steering wheel. Nice use of bokeh and focus though. Nice attempt
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    Eyes do not fail when one is drunk. The eye focuses just the same. It's the mind that cannot process normally. So how to picture drunk driving?


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