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Thread: Problem with SB600 on D90

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    Default Problem with SB600 on D90

    Got my SB600 from iPhoto sometime in late Nov. Only till last weekend when I took it out for shoot and realized that the auto zoom function was not working properly. My D90 was mounted with a 35mm but the SB600 indicated the zoom at 14mm. Kelvin is steady and told me to go down to exchange.

    So on Sat, I went down again with my D90. Tested there and then and the new set of SB600 works fine. However, when I try it earlier, the same issue came back again. Now I am wondering whether is it because of my D90 or is there something which I did wrongly.

    I have checked the settings and affirmed that the manual zoom is set to default OFF. Also, when the flash is mounted, the "M ZOOM" is shown on the LCD.

    Have anyone encounter this before? Would like to make sure that it is nothing wrong with what I have done before I bring it back to Kelvin again. Thanks a lot.
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    Default Re: Problem with SB600 on D90

    your SB600 shows 14mm that means the diffuser plate been pulled out. if its not being pull out then the trigger inside is loose and thus your SB600 think that the diffuser plate is out and auto zoom to 14mm.

    try to pull the diffuser out and put it back firmly, if this doesnt help it could really be a case of the trigger being loose, and a trip to NSC or 3rd party repairs.

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    Default Re: Problem with SB600 on D90

    yes, only when the wide angle diffuser is out, the flash zoom setting will show 14mm.

    exact from SB600 spec.
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    Default Re: Problem with SB600 on D90

    Thanks for the prompt replies guys. Yes, it is due to the diffuser that causes the zoom to be locked at 14mm. My bad, should have gone through the manual more thoroughly.
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