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    I am new to photoshop and would like to further improve my knowledge about it..
    Anyone kind enough to recommend me a book about basic and intermediate PS, esp CS5, if possible the ones that are available in the NLB.. I have watched some tutorials and also read from photography magazines about it, but would like to have better insights of it..

    Thanks a lot, everyone!
    - troubled undergrad -
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    try books by scott kelby or martin evening
    actually no need to buy or rent .. just do a search all the videos are available and is FREE

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    I recommend Photoshop Studio Techniques by Bill Willmore. It's until CS4 unfortunately.
    The explanations are very clear.

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    thanks all for the replies! i will go and check out the library..
    - troubled undergrad -
    Olympus XA/Canon QL17 GIII flickr


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