I think many cannot tell, do not bother or say standard. It is the same with the sellers, almost all I have asked cannot tell or said standard. What is the standard speed then ?

From what I have gathered in the website btw 4X to 12X 150kb/s or about 2mb/s write. The reason most cannot tell is because most branded memory maker do not print on the original packaging unless it is very high speed. Like lexar 80X, scandisk ultra 60X, transcend 45X or twinmos 70X

I almost bought a kingston 512mb for 70 till I saw a small label saying 4X. It is an old packaging I believed because I do not see this label in the latest packaging offer by the store.

Even if you know the speed, you need to verify if it is read or write speed and the method of testing (some tested on computer, some camera and others) and up to you to trust their test procedure.

From what I know, different camera may give different write speed due to diffferent system used by individual manufacturer.

So experts please speak out to help users like me and others who wish to know more.