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    will be helping a friend do photoshoot some time later in the year, and will be using film...can someone advise whether i shld use fujifilm fujichrome, velvia or just superia? quality of photos is important, price comes second..shooting mostly indoors
    (i'm not v sure with other films cos i shoot with velvia most of the time..)can recommend on specific films also (e.g. fujichrome 100F etc)

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    fuji reala100

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    Indoors? You might want to use Fuji X-TRA 400.

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    Quote Originally Posted by imaginary_number
    Indoors? You might want to use Fuji X-TRA 400.
    shld be a combi of indoors and outdoors...

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    It depends on the subject matter, what kind of "look" you want, and whether you need/require big enlargements.

    Fuji Reala is great for shooting outdoors generally, can be used indoors if there is sufficient light. If using Reala indoors or in the shade, rate it at 80 otherwise it can look quite flat. Use this if you want very fine grain or need to make big enlargements.

    Fuji NPH400 is a great all-round film. Lower contrast, less saturated than Reala or Xtra-400, holds shadow detail incredibly well but must print very carefully (must tell the lab not to increase density, which many labs like to do because they think everything should look like Superia). If you need to shoot something with lots of texture detail in the blacks or need to hold details in both black white together this is the film. Great for portraits. Can rate at 320 if you want more saturation.

    Fuji Press 800/ Superia 800 (same emulsion, Press 800 is the pro version) is great for shooting indoors/ night if you like the gritty "photojournalistic" type look. Is very contrasty so not to everyone's taste. If shooting in low or available light rate at 640 or 500. Most rate this at 640 because it does not tolerate underexposure well. If you need high speed and prefer soemthing less contrasty you can rate NPH400 at 640 and push it one stop.

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    jus got updates..will be doing all group photos..

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    Then a fine-grained emulsion would do good, since it's likely you'll do enlargements for everyone's faces to be seen. As for which emulsion, I'll leave the rest who have better experience to comment.


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