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    Hi, is it normal that LCD monitors will show noise ( ie. dead pixels, bad pixels, etc ) more obviously than CRT monitors? How to avoid this situation? thanks.

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    hmmm.... your question is pretty weird. If there are dead/bad pixels, it means the LCD monitor has defects and may warrant an exchange with the manufacturer? If the LCD is working perfectly, there would be no dead pixels.

    If you are talking about noise in digital images caused by high ISO used in digicams, the reason why noise seems more obvious in LCDs compared to CRTs could be due to the screen resolution. IF the LCD displays 1024*768 over a 17inch surface compared to a 17inch CRT displaying 1280*1024, of coz the noise particles will be more obvious on the LCD due to the difference in the pixel size.

    Solution? should it be scenario 1, get a replacement for the LCD screen, and scenario 2, buy a better LCD capable of higher resolution display?

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    Oops, my mistake. Rephrase my question.
    I meant, I noticed that noise in my taken images appeared more prominently in LCD monitors then CRT monitors.


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