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Thread: Samyang 8mm (f/3.5) Fisheye Field Test

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    Default Re: Samyang 8mm (f/3.5) Fisheye Field Test

    hi Odessy,

    wat body are u using ?
    Just shoot.

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    Default Re: Samyang 8mm (f/3.5) Fisheye Field Test

    Agreed . The shots dont look sharp enough to me.

    TS mentioned that your first few shots you were confused with MF lenses. But you were shooting landscape, so automatically even without knowledge of hyperfocal distance, i hope you did focus to infinity or near infinity (for such a wide angle and f8, dont think you can really blame the focus plane).

    You dont really have to tell ppl its sharp. We'll know when we see it. Anyhow the landscapes are pleasing and dont feel like its a fish eye at all. on the lack of distortion.

    But for the price point, and the brand, we have to accept its shortcomings otherwise the major brands will be in trouble by now.

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    Quote Originally Posted by gabond
    Been using this lense for a week on my d700 n the manual focus brings a whole new perspective to practising photography.

    Overall a very good product for the price and width it gives me
    Any test shots to preview? How does it work with the FX body?

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    Hello, i just got mine and i'm abit confused with this hyperfocal distance. so point is just leave the focusing ring at infinity and just take photos cause after 0.5m everything'll be tack sharp?
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    I own this lens (Rokinon-USA version) for a few days and would be able to take some photos. Sold it away because of the IQ at f3.5 to F8 not meeting my requirement (blur). Personally feel that Not so good for hand-held but suitable for landscape shooting. BTW it is very sharp at f11 to f16.
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    Default Re: Samyang 8mm (f/3.5) Fisheye Field Test

    woo i love the pics of wat the lens could give man but dam i suck a MF so have to let this go

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