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    Default batteries.

    Hello people.
    1 qns.

    I have 1 powerbank GP charger which i bought with the 1600 cells.

    can i charge my sanyo 2300 on it too?

    wanna leave one charger in school. so can charge in tutorial room when my battery flat!

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    Heard from my friend say that GP batterys are best charger by their own chargers.

    Wonder about your Qns too, cause Sanyo battery are cheaper than GP ones.

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    sure. go ahead and charge the sanyo's in them. but be prepared for consistent undercharging, because of inherent design of the charger.

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    My GP charger can't charge my 2300 fully, even after 24hrs....and my other intelligent multi charger can't even charge my 2300 at all. Sigh.. end up went to buy the Sanyo quick charger, heh but on the bright side, now i got another set of Sanyo rechargables :-

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    hrmz... nt sure about those batteries
    have just gotten a sony 2300 with independent battery monitoring charger.

    did see in some reviews abt powerex charges.
    from all the high level terms use it seems great and its not very ex too
    cost around $60 at

    there is a delivery charge, but it can be arranged to be picked up somewhere in town and 1 other area, i think eastern. as there is not physical shop but an online store.

    hope this helps..


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