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Thread: The Photographer's Right

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    Default The Photographer's Right

    Anybody know if there is anything like the PDF document in the Singapore context?

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    what about his/her Left?

    ok ok don't ban me! =X

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    You sure tickle my center.

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    Default Shooting at Indoor Stadium Event

    Coincidentally, I was told not to shoot at the "Pinocchio On Ice" event at the Indoor Stadium last night.

    At the Sistic website, it clearly stated "No camera with flash, Video recording and Audio recording is allowed for this event!" I was shooting with a 70-200 on a monopod, no flash used at all. An usher came over to me and said I am not allowed to shoot with a professional camera. After explaining that no flash was used and that this was only a hobby, he insisted that I have to shoot without the monopod. Sheesh !

    Anyway, as the man was merely doing his job, I unmounted from the monopod, waited 5mins, and fixed things back on the monopod and continued shooting without further disturbance.


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