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Thread: Hello new member here

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    the ixus 400/430 are the same small size as the ixus II, so if size is the way to go, they are recommended as well

    Generally, normal and even Alkaline batteries do no last in Digital cameras. The way to go would be to get some rechargable Nimh batteries

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    I think the Sony P100 is worth considering. W1 might be a bit too rugged.

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    Quote Originally Posted by hisoka
    thanx Gymrat76 and ricleo

    actually i just need a digicam for my casual shot
    performance wise i really have no clue, as i know nothing about them

    my last camera was an old old canon (dont know the model though )
    the problem with it is that it consume batteries really fast!!
    i practically have to change a pair of AA batteries after every 10+ shots, is that normal??

    i like the ixusII though, small and handy
    Yes, those old digital cams really take a lot of power. if you use high capacity NiMH, you might be able to get 30 shots

    Since your new camera is for casual use, just remember the following before you buy...

    1. Optical zoom is always better than digital zoom.
    2. Dont always go for the most pixels. buy what you need. 3mp should be fine for most casual shooters. the more pixels u have, the more memory space u need. and buying the latest whiz bang digicam and setting it to small jpeg mode is a waste.
    3. consider the cost of accesories. spare batteries, memory cards etc can cost quite an additional bundle.

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    think she's confused with so many choices la.

    why dun u guys come out with a list of cammies in the sub $500 range,
    then she can create a poll or something like that???

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    Quote Originally Posted by clive
    girls where got like to go such tech review sites one...

    in fact, i think got come CS already very good already. consider tech savvy.

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