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    hi all i have a logo in .png that i want to use for my watermark at the bottom right hand corner of the image. i also want to make this into an action(cause im lazy hehehehe )

    i've googled around and searched in clubsnap but it seems none of the tutorials(that i've seen) touches clearly on how to position the watermark logo.

    my problem now is that when i record the action in potrait orientation and place the file, in landscape it does not place in the correct position(i.e. way below the picture).

    is there any way that i can make an action such that the watermark will always be positioned in the bottom right regardless of orientation and image size? or do i have to make 2 seperate actions for portrait and landscape?

    p.s. im using photoshop cs5

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    Just googled and found this,

    Try this and see if it works for you.

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    This can be done in one action for both Protrait and Landscape.
    File - Place, select your logo
    Once the logo has been accepted, select the whole layer (ctrl/a)
    Layer - Align Layers to Selection - Bottom Edges
    Layer - Align Layers to Selection - Right Edges


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