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    I was wondering if anyone had any recommendations for online portfolios? I find that having an online presence is essential in today's tech savvy generation to promote the business. However, the online trend seems to be heading mobile and I find that its tough to use a flash based online portfolio for business esp with viewing of flash disabled on iphones and ipads.

    Anyone has any suggestions for a non-flash based online portfolio site? of coz if its free then all the better.

    Thank you
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    any photo hosting site that does albums will work actually.

    nowadays, a lot will also do a search on your email to see how famous you are.
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    You could try using it like a blog... Using ProPhoto Blog....



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    thank you for your recommendations. The main reason why i want to use a proper site as opposed to a photo hosting site like flickr is due to presentation. I looks better to present the site to a client as opposed to a flickr page
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    believe me when i say its not the website the potential client is interested in but all in due time.

    Thing is whether you can get back the cost of running the website.
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    A website u like it or not is your forefront of your portfolio if your target market is internet savvy. They do produce lots of leads if you do it correctly.

    Nowadays with template and stuff, one can have a professional website up and running for a lot less then $1k with hosting and all.

    If u questions if u can make the money back, there isn't much point to start it all. Hart

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    Forget 1k, you can have a professional site up and running and hosted for around 10-20% of that.

    Check out and they have a good non-flash portfolio solution

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    i would just like to thank everyone for their comments and remarks. i think it has given me somewhat an insight to the business marketing side of things.
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