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    Theres 2 type of ballhead sold at TK Foto, the G & K series.
    Was told by the salesman the K series is the latest ballhead from Sirui with orientation memory locking knob everything else the same. Which is better and any price difference between the G20 & K20?

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    Since you were there already, you should have asked them about the price!
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    Forgot to ask the price as I was just there to look and have a feel of the tripod.
    The pricelist I have is only for G ballhead.
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    I'm not sure with about the K series, but I quite like my G series.

    Since you saw you, didn't you do a comparision and see which you like better?
    btw, what is orientation locking knob!?!

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    The K series has the tension knob ("orientation memory locking") incorporated into the locking knob aka Malkins, PhotoClam.

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    Its the silver little circular thing on the big blue knob.


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