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Thread: Portugal vs England

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    yah, the goalkeeper saving and scoring is quite amazing. Guess he wants to finish off England with his own hands....

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    back to the main discussion..... england!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! oh no........haiz....beckham....haiz...... then again, the host deserve to win lar. good for them lar....haiz....still....wat a shame.....'

    so tomolo how?! france vs greece!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i think france ah. skarly like world cup like that how? dark horse again one more....

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    England played so weakly in the 2nd half. I was muttering inside myself at about the 70th minute, if they are going to continue like that, they could forget the 1 goal lead. True enough.

    Their play became so predictable. Whenever they reached mid-field, one of them would try to pump a long ball to Michael Owen hoping for some miraculous mistake on the part of Portugal. It happened so many times. And of course, each time, the Portugese got their defenders ready to head the ball back towards the English side.

    I don't know what happened to them England. They looked tired. They started well in the first 20-30 minutes then faltered all the way down. They didn't chase the ball. I didn't even know what in the world Paul Scholes was doing with the ball! No surprise he was substituted eventually.

    England deserved to lose that game. If they were able to beat Switzerland and Crotia in style in the last 2 matches, that style was sorely missing when they met Portugal.

    And...Beckham. What the heck. He's missed one too many penalties. My view of him completely changed after this Euro2004.

    Sad for England but only the best and consistent team should win! England clearly is not the one.

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    Thought it would have been injustice if Portugal lost. They played so much better than England - outpassed and outclassed them.

    Think the football scene is really evolving. Hard to say which team is the better nowadays. Every nation seems to be on a level playing field now - literally and figuratively!

    That's what makes this Euro so damn good to watch!!

    Tonite...France vs Greece!!!

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    it would be another upset if france would lose this match.... & singapore pools will be laughing all the way to the bank.

    btw, who bet on greece?

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    At the bottom of my heart, I'm an England supporter... but I could never understand why they have to bull about how great Rooney is, that he's the new Pele, that he's the best player in the tournament... blah blah blah...

    Why can't they be humble, let their football do the talking and less talk even before they play Portugal? And now the supposedly best player is down injured, and the supposedly best team is now out of the tournament...

    Sad penalty... England is carrying too much historical baggage... remember Chris Waddle and gang, and etc etc... and remember Beckham's penalty miss against France in the first match? Historical baggage did them in...

    Anyway, my belief that Beckham is overly rated is now comprehensively confirmed...

    But I'm still an England supporter...
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    Quote Originally Posted by jonlou
    i meant PORTUGAL. just in case u didn't noe, it was only a short-form. if u r unsure, pls enquire next time instead of jumping into conclusions that i made a geographical name mistake. or do u want to register with MOE and become a CERTIFIED geography teacher and start telling each and every student off just because they made mistakes in calling portugal PORTO?
    That's why I ASKED. Cos I don't know if you meant it anything else. Cos unfortunately PORTO IS a place in PORTUGAL.

    Just to clarify mah, cos I mountain tortoise just come out from cave, never heard people refer to Portugal as Porto. No need to be DEFENSIVE

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