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Thread: Need help with my Yashica TLR!

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    Default Need help with my Yashica TLR!

    I've just gotten a new Yashica Mat 124G but I have problems and I dunno how to fix it...
    I have tried it with a few rolls of 120 film and was able to get it to work, but the crank keeps jamming after taking 5-7 shots. Anyone knows the reason for the jam because I'm pretty sure I did the winding and rewinding properly.. and how do I fix this?


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    Some gear might be slipping in the mechanism.

    Same thing happened to my yashicamat. Jam after a few shots

    Brought it to "de camera consultant", Mr Phillip Tay and he tinkered around in the mechanism, and replaced a shim. 1 gear was slipping as the film was wound up.


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