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    Smile Charity Project Jeweled Metropolis

    Dear ClubSnap people,

    A close group of my other friends and I are currently involved in a charity project jointly organized by Citibank and YMCA. Itís called Youth For Causes, and it aims to promote the spirit of social entrepreneurship among youths in Singapore. 2004 is currently the second year running that this Youth For Causes is being held. For more information about Citibank Youth For Causes you can visit My team now urgently needs a simple bit of help from as many individuals as possible Ė potentially from the rest of the entire nation (I am serious!), so now Iíll just go straight to the point.

    Please kindly take a couple of minutes to read the contents of our webpage that my team has drawn up for our publicity campaign, follow the contents and e-mail at least any 5 photos you have with the theme of "Jeweled Metropolis" ( ) to us! We have a website and mailing address for you to mail your photos to, and these are contained in our 2-page pamphlet. It is a very simple thing to spend just a few minutes to look through it, and then contribute a few of your photos to us to enable us to pull off our project and raise funds for the needy! All we are asking of You is just a few clicks of your mouse, and the filling up of a very short entry form, downloadable from our website (note: the attached pamphlet is NOT the entry form itself!). Thatís it! Youíll be doing my team a big favour as well as helping charity; and may even stand to receive an attractive token of appreciation from us (see attached pamphlet). Through the photos you send us for my teamís project, you will also be able to make your own private and personal statement for Singaporeís upcoming 39th birthday! Please do it quickly as time is really REALLY running short for us.

    In case youíre still in doubt, hereís a brief description of who we really are, and what my teamís project is about. Under this Citibank Youth For Causes, my team (comprising 4 people) calls ourselves ďThe EyesĒ, and we are trying to compose a huge mural or overall image of the night scene of Singaporeís glittering urban skyline Ė using various photos sent to us by various individuals. We are doing this partly also to tie it with the upcoming National Day so that we can involve the whole of Singapore if possible, which will greatly help us in raising more funds in a lot less time for my teamís Voluntary Welfare Organization (VWO), The Vocational School for the Handicapped or VSH in short. For more information about my teamís beneficiary, the VSH, you can visit

    Here are the exact mechanics of my teamís fund raising project: after getting enough photos to compose our mural, we will put it up for public viewing. As it will be Singaporeís very own first-ever skyline mural thatís composed using various individual, separate photos, we reckon it will attract the media and draw lots of crowds to come and view it. There, my team will have a booth where weíll be selling the photographic prints from our mural to the public to raise funds for VSH. We are still trying to confirm the venue (weíll update this detail through our website), but getting enough photos to build our mural is of top priority to us now! Once again, I thank you on behalf of Citibank Youth For Causes 2004 and my team, The Eyes, for any photos you send us for our project.

    In addition, we would require volunteers to help us to accomplish this project in anyway, such as making of the giant mural, helping us to sell items for charity, manning booth, improve our website. Any help would be much appreciated! Please email me or the email at the website for more information.

    Please do forward this message, as well the attached pamphlet, to all your other friends as well; and encourage them to pass it on and so onÖ Itís NOT chain or junk mail Ė itís for a jolly worthy cause! To treat this as junk mail would be doing not just my team, but Charity in general, a huge disfavour. Whether our charity project is successful or not lies in whether or not we get enough photos Ė an outcome thatís decided entirely by your type of reaction to this message NOW! We are NOT a sham. We are under Citibank Youth For Causes 2004 to make a positive social impact.

    Thatís all I have to say. This is my sincere and personal plea to You and the rest whom this mail has been forwarded to: You Can Help Us Pull This Off. Thank you.


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    Default Prizes

    Sorry if the prizes were not made known to u guys.

    Every 50th sender of at LEAST 5 digital photos (more photos can be sent!!) will be entitled to a goodie bag. There are almost $900 worth of goodies from Borders, Kinokuniya or movie ticket vouchers to be worth. While Stock last!

    Hurry and join in the fun!!! Build Singapore first giant mural of photographs!
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    Default Website Updated

    Please proceed to for updates


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