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Thread: Hair Straightener/Straightening Iron

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    Default Hair Straightener/Straightening Iron

    Have anyone own or used it before? is it good and can you recommend a good brand of hair straightener?

    I have read some reviews about Sedu hair straightener and most ppl who used it, recommends it.
    I've tried looking online but it seems that Sedu issn't avail here in Singapore. Does anyone knows if any shops sells it in SG? so far I've only seen it selling online at Folica, but the shipping is expensive about USD$50...

    Besides Sedu, are there any other brands which are just as good? and is it available in sg?
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    hmmm, anyone?
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    I guess nobody know. I tried a search on google for you but seem to have no answer. Try order online bah.

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    Default Re: Hair Straightener/Straightening Iron

    I went straight for Japanese rebonding. Straighteners/Irons never worked on my naturally wavy hair.
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    I love how you ask this in a photography forum where most probably we wont have a clue.....


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