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Thread: Wikileaks in NOT related to Wikipedia

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    Default Wikileaks is NOT related to Wikipedia

    Who is this idiot at Wikileaks?
    Attention hungry behavior. This is the problem with some. They need their 5 minutes of fame or infamy. Desperate for "fame".

    But recklessly risking the lives of others in the field. Getting other people killed.
    Affecting their country's relations with other countries. Releasing US diplomatic files.

    They are too liberal with this idiot.
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    Default Re: Wikileaks in NOT related to Wikipedia

    There are lots of such people around sadly, and when something does go wrong (people die, war)...they will just convienient go low profile and try to get away.

    Nowadays quite a number of people make decisions without throughly thinking through what would be the consequences, often ignoring the outcome, then plugging leaks with fingers. But damage already done, pointing fingers elsewhere. Shame on them
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    Default Re: Wikileaks in NOT related to Wikipedia

    Sadly but truth that even in CS, so many ppls disclosue information on where to find this bird, where to find this rare insecst, then the day, the whole habitat is stomp flat by photographers.....hence driving those subjects to their grave.

    They do this purely for popularity and attention, can't wait to tell the whole world that they know something.

    If you question them, they will say, we are here to share wat.


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