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    Default Vintage.

    Just some boring shots with an ixus v2.

    Vintage XO. The label faded quite a bit, can't get a clear enough shot. =(

    Ukelele. (well, part of it anyway.)

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    Lightbulb martell: " doubt about it"

    yes, the shot has a "classic" feel to it

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    nice pics... nice atmosphere too...

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    somehow couldn't help but allow the brown wood grains make me feel as if i'm in the early 80's in a 2-room hong kong flat downing my sorries... heheheheheh

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    yup...veryt retro bar feeling..

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    you called this boring shots? maybe you're bored. the first can be improved to show the label a little bit.

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    Thanks for all the comments.

    khairi: i'm assuming that's a compliment, so thanks a lot. well i duno, i've this 'esteem' problem cos i own an 'extinct' 2mp pns camera while so many people nowadays have much powerful cameras and all with much clearer pics, so i feel kinda shy showing my shots, that's why. but recent comments have helped a lot.

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    if the cam is your complain...then you might want to get a new one...but seriously, a 2MP could still do wonders too. clear or not clear is not really an issue cos what you want ppl to see will always be the real issue. Cheers


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