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Thread: How to shoot Lou Han Fish in fish tank?

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    Default How to shoot Lou Han Fish in fish tank?

    Dear All,

    My mum request me to take pictures of her Luo Han fish in a fish tank. My set up as below:

    Nikon F80
    24-85mm AFS
    Manfrotto 055pro tripod
    Giottos Ball head

    Can i just use Fill Flash to capture the image? I am afraid there will be reflections which will ruin the picture. I dun have a sync cord for my SB-80dx.

    I am also thinking of using Infra Red sync between my built-in flash and SB-80dx. As both flashes will go off at the same time, i am thinking of taping my built-in flash with black tape to prevent it from reflections wheres my SB-80dx will be put on top of the fish tank. Will this work?

    Please help.

    Thank you.

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    Nobody got experience in taking pictures under such situation?

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    Usually for taking fish in aquarium, I do not use flash...instead use slower shutter with AFC..If u are shooting film it will be damn difficult cos the motion of the Louhan is hard to control and predict...u may want to cover up ur back when u are taking the tank...reflections will show through...furthermore I will utilise Polariser filter to get a better shot through the glass...

    u may read up more in Arowana Club Forums or the Arofanatics Forum where I frequent - so as to read up those dummy guide to fish photography


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