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Thread: Nikon Nano Crystal Coat

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    Quote Originally Posted by Hacker View Post
    Nano Crystal coating is really great. Sometimes though, I like the flare and ghosting of the older lenses. It adds to the overall mood I'm portraying.
    Yep, the flare gives you a soft mood, not very far from soft focus (you have the 24/1.4, am sure you know the killer microcontrast of this bugger even in difficult conditions). Games also got ghosts when the sun is up. So one may want to have 2 cams and 2 lenses, 1 got nano coat and the other got none. But the extra detail retriveval is great actually, as I always go for the highlight shots.
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    Quote Originally Posted by knpan View Post
    I understand each company needs to talk sense about what they make, but I feel that somehow its over exaggerated ( and I am sure Sigma and Canon have their stories to tell about the same Fluorite glass etc etc. I have actually not much problem shooting against light without the "wow Nano Coat lens" It depends on the intensity of the backlight, if its still super strong, I doubt there will be much difference between an Old lens and Nano Lens. Eg a 85 1.4D and new Nano 85 1.4 AFS. These guys talk till like damn pro, but it makes no difference when you shoot in the field practically,just use the lens and shoot.
    Additional knowledge is great though
    Hi bro,

    Well actually you are a pro doing events & weddings, am sure you'd appreciate such backlighting & highlighting of the hair/periphery of subject conditions. But then again of coz different people have different requirements and different interpretations.

    I have not done a lot of weddings with the 24/1.4 probably just 4 or 5 as I just got it 3 weeks ago and besides I had to block 2-3 shoots coz I went on a much needed vacation. I just came back from a vacation trip and its great, you literally "DO NOT CARE" about backlight. Just +2EV or +3EV and whack away, too dark just bump ISO and open aperture to get enough shutter speed. "F the flash, don't need it and I'm vacation...hehe ".
    Stuff like group shots in the domestic airport sitting against the full length windows so the SB-800 which I brought helps little coz distance is too far (I used SB-800 coz its my backup's backup LOL!)..... Sun Moon Lake against the sun coz my in laws can't get their eyes to open and without frowning the eyebrows , etc.....

    Yep, backlight right directly behind from the morning sun. It is not "acid-test" super strong as the sun is not in the frame and I am not even exposing the objective glass to the sun. You can actually see the objective lens on the SB-900 LCD reflection. Typical of what you'd encounter and might be able to correct/control with techniques in real life.

    Manual WB and manual exposure. Tamron 17-50/2.8 left, Nikkor 24/1.4 right
    Both shots levelled to 120 for shadows and 240 for highlights.

    Tried to further edit the Tamron, no use. You merely get more postueursation as the shadow details are not there to dig and the saturation gets higher and higher (desaturation gets you to a certain point before looking unnatural) and the image looks dithered + very unnatural.

    I also have the Sigma 30/1.4, 85/1.8, 12-24, Sigma 17-50/2.8 HSM. But really there is no contest.

    I have also done a flare test of the sun smack right just on top of the flash, but I think its too cruel a test so its really academic (so I shall not post and """mislead""") besides the position of the sun changes a little so its never the same 2 pix.....and besides the front objective glass of the 2 lenses are not the same so they get hit differently. But I shot several frames, just take it that the Nikon is quite noticeably better, though not very very significant. There flare is not eliminated but greatly reduced, but again the highlightling details retrieval of the Nikon is much better....its never a "single" factor.

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    i have tested my 60mm micro af 2.6 with the nano 60 mm afs nano and yes, it's sharper. not sure if it's 100% due to nano tho.

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