$80.00 (5 hour session & maximum 6 participant only)

Thank you for the interest in the two December workshops. We will be conducting a 3rd workshop in December. This “BASIC STUDIO LIGHTING" workshop is design for hobbyist who wish to learn more and want to experience shooting in the studio. Participants will have to bring along their DSLR and must have some basic knowledge of operating a DSLR camera.
During the session, you will get to learn about the studio-setup, using of lights, lighting ratio, different scenario and happening in the studio. This is an interactive workshop and the instructor will guide you through a series of fundamental concept of shooting still life, studio portrait, abstract and creative set-up. There will be also model during the cover-look headshots & will be guided along during the working with model session. Two studios will be utilised and will split into two small groups during the practical session.

Please contact Steven@98551046 or email for more information about this workshop schedule, thank you.