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Thread: My new tripod

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    Bought this tripod at Sitex today too. Was having those 'last stock sales' selling at $69 and comes with a digital camera bag and cheapo cleaning kit. Just took it for a test, seems pretty good.

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    saw the same tripod at sitex which i bought few days ago. After asking for a discount, the sales quote me the same price as what MS is selling. What a relief as i/ve got a good price from MS.

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    hi..somebody is asking me to buy this HAMA tripod for her...any chance to get it Peninsula plaza? and for how much..thanks

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    Quote Originally Posted by emotap View Post
    I'm a newbie and just bought my first tripod the Hama Traveller Compact Pro. tripod was recommended by the shop which is within my budget. Any CS member ever used this particular brand before. Seems like not so much reviews on this product. Still i'm quite happy with it features and construction.

    i am also looking for one. yes heard of hama. checked the site. today visted some shops. after touching a CF tripod, i think non come as close to them regarding weight. it's huge difference! glad you found something u like at such low cost.

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    Quote Originally Posted by daredevil123 View Post
    hmmm is it also 450g in weight? If it is, I wonder how they manage to get the head and tripod all in at 1.2 kgs.

    Something's got to give..
    not 1.2kg. it's 1.37kg

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    Hi all! recently i've also bought one tripod from MS. the brand is " vanguard" . I bought it at about $148 upon the shop owner recommendations. Any pple here use the same brand? Its pent head

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    do anyone know, what the alphabet and number meant in Sirui tripod model no?
    someone posted before, but i could not find it..


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