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Thread: Euro "Table Soccer" Cup 2004

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    Default Euro "Table Soccer" Cup 2004

    Soccer feverish now, everyday is Euro 2004!

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    nice I especially like the one with the kick off position.

    Foosball table is a must have for me when I own my own place

    Any info where pple play competitively in Singapore??

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    There are a number of such tables in pubs, clubs or schools too and are more for leisure. Hopefully soon, even Monopoly got open competition too

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    One of these days I would also like to have one of these tables at my new place. Enquired about the cost a few years ago...a brand new imported one will cost about 2 - 3K.

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    I like #3 too interesting perspective. I'm told by one of my friends that he managed to get a table soccer machine for $500 (2nd hand of course).
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