Singapore GameFEST (SGF) is a four-day digital festival that will be held from 25th Nov to 28th Nov 2010 at *SCAPE. Besides being a celebration of various stakeholders in the local games industry with many exciting programs from game tournaments to launches, we have a tie-up with the world’s biggest digital fest, Dreamhack, and will feature live streaming to and from this year’s Dreamhack Winter 2010 in Sweden. One of Dreamhack’s joint initiatives the “Digital Youth Awards”, has been featured in the Shanghai World Expo 2010 and will be bringing the finals of its game segment to Singapore GameFEST, bringing gamers from all over the world to Singapore.

Naruto? Ichigo? Kon?! No, you’re not watching anime. You’re watching Cosplayers! Singapore GameFEST 2010 is proud to support all sorts of geekery, and a cosplay exhibition is definitely part of that. In fact, cosplay showcases are a regular feature in SCOGA’s events, and SGF will be a chance for the Cosplay community to come and strut their stuff once again with the SGcafe Cosplay Party! Supported by Sgcafe, this promise to be a gathering of Singapore’s finest!