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Thread: Ta-Q-Bin Couriers, used to be awesome, its awful now

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    Default Ta-Q-Bin Couriers, used to be awesome, its awful now

    Hi guys, Im using Ta-Q-Bin courier services for the beginning of this year, sending about 20-30 items monthly.

    We started off on the great track, the term leader whom answered my calls, come personally to give me printed waybills, envelops and even our first monthly bills, calls were answered promptly and the courier came on time as promised.

    After a few months and as they gotten more business and rave reviews for their awesome personal services, i found myself waiting in the cold once after confirming a pick up but the courier never arrived. The term leader asked me to write an email to complain but i politely declined, and checked the facts first.

    Its was a mis-communication error, their comm centre, which handles all their calls did not dispatch the information to the area office and the couriers did not know that i needed their services.

    I thought it was a one-off and feedback though email but I never gotten any reply on my emails, soon after the courier did not come after awaiting hours for them, this happen at least another 3-4 times in the last 2 months.

    The last straw is asking for printed way bills for my company, after mentioning to both the couriers, call centre, and the area office for 5 times, i have yet to receive any and was wondering where did the wonderful and personally service went to?

    If anyone has a great local courier service to recommend me to, please let me know, i'm done with Ta-Q-Bin and I also advise any forumers here who is thinking of using their services to re-consider. Its been a awful experience the last few months, and painful (for the loss of time and not able to deliver to my clients as their courier did not turn up to pick up) for my photography business!
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    Isa Khoo

    Default Re: Ta-Q-Bin Couriers, used to be awesome, its awful now

    Just had a bad experience with Singapore's TA-Q-BIN customer phone service. If their website indicated 365 working days, the staff should be on duty answering phones too. Tried calling in so many times and finally got thru' about 1pm. The call was answered by a guy who seems to "rushed" to the phone. And maybe because it's a sunday, his attitude was so "can't be bothered" & rude. No courtesy whatsoever even though it was a call for pick-up service. Very pissed off with this type of front line customer service. My bottom line is: if not happy, get another job. Don't spoil the image of a good company (Yamato transportation is a very good company in Japan).

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    Apparently the ppl answering the calls are sub-contracted, this is one really horrible company who cannot see that there are so many cracks in their system, I like to volunteer to be their CEO and fine tuned their operations.

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    Default Re: Ta-Q-Bin Couriers, used to be awesome, its awful now

    I encounter damm lousy service from this so called NO 1 company

    My package send from korea arrive on 12 oct2011, 15-17oct they shows delivering to me at night and no one is home, bull **** i always have some one at home at night

    I called the hotline on 17oct, a lady pick up and schedule the delivery to 18oct 8-10pm den On 18oct, the man came at 1.45pm which is not at the time i schedule for, I receive a non deliverable slip , i called the hotline again to schedule to 18oct 6-8pm, den again no one came

    I called again on 18oct at 2002hrs and this guy say he will check and call me back, den he called back only saying it's delivering, i called your line again at 2025hrs and this guy say he will call the branch and check and no more response from your side. waited till 10pm also never see a single soul

    My package still never reach me till now, really a wayang company. i'm realli piss off, rather pay more for DHL, fedex

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    Default Re: Ta-Q-Bin Couriers, used to be awesome, its awful now

    really hope that u will consider and use us again, yr support is very much appreciated. thanks

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    Default Re: Ta-Q-Bin Couriers, used to be awesome, its awful now

    Hi, i'm one of yamato's customer service person. On behalf of him, i'm sorry for how the way this officer spoke to you. I hope u can still use us as your transportation company. Thanks so much

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    Default Re: Ta-Q-Bin Couriers, used to be awesome, its awful now

    Been using them for local deliveries, no problems so far.
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    Default Re: Ta-Q-Bin Couriers, used to be awesome, its awful now

    i hope nothing is hapening from now on thanks zaren.

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    Default Re: Ta-Q-Bin Couriers, used to be awesome, its awful now

    I had been using Ta-Q-Bin for 3 times (once a month since Nov 2011), and they failed me twice. For the 1st time, they did not turn up. I had been calling the call center, none of them pick up my call. And my parcel status simply turned into 'undelivered' without stating a single reason. I had been waiting for them 2 hours before the selected delivery time! When I finally able to speak to the customer service, he was not able to provide me any update, and asked me to call for the branch instead.

    It happened again this week. The delivery was scheduled to be Tuesday 8-10pm. But I had urgent stuffs, and called in around 5pm requesting to re-schedule it to Thursday instead. The lady promised that everything is arranged. At 7pm, the delivery guy called. Do they actually communicate internally? Even if I did not arrange for delivery, the desired delivery time is NOT 7pm!

    I received no update. I checked the status online, it simply stated as undelivered. Had been keep calling, and the customer service again, was not able to provide me any update. After 'checking with the branch', he returned call saying that I'll receive my parcel as scheduled. Had been calling since 8.30pm, and 'all the customer service officers are busy at the moment' was what I get. When I finally get through at 9pm+, the customer service pushed all the blame to the driver. Saying that it was the driver's job to call the customer, there is nothing that he can do.

    Come on! I don't care if the driver or anyone else is responsible to call me. That is their internal arrangement. How can a customer service tell the customer that "if the driver does not call, there is nothing that I can do"?! Oh ya, the branch's phone number is private and confidential. I can ONLY call the main line to check my parcel status the next day.

    If anyone is considering Ta-Q-Bin, I seriously advice you to think twice! Terrible customer service, communication breakdown, and did not deliver their promise!

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    Default Re: Ta-Q-Bin Couriers, used to be awesome, its awful now

    I have been using Taqbin service for quite some time - more than half a year with around 100 parcels to send per month. At first, everything was fine. Sometimes there's something goes wrong with the delivery, but ok, I still accept it considering they provide good delivery time slot and so on.

    But I found that their services is getting poorer and poorer for these last few months. From wrong pick up time, wrong delivery time or pick up request not recorded in the system, system error then cause the delay on the delivery and tracking can not be done, etc UNTIL this week - their getting worse service which have forced me to write this comment about them.

    I understand that they might have TOO many parcels to send. But REGARDLESS of what is happening at their back office, since they are dare enough to take so many delivery requests, then they should know if they should have delivered as what they promise.

    TWO CASES I would like to share.
    I am running blogshop. And about one week ago, my customer inform me that she didn't receive her parcel but when she checked the status online, it's been delivered. I called taqbin regarding this matter, I HAVE the tracking no., I told them the problem, the CS said he will check for me. I told him that at least he can check who's the receiver - the person who signed on the airway bill. So at least I could double checked whether they send it to correct place or not. He still said it is impossible the parcel is missing. He said he will keep me updated.

    One day gone...two days gone..On the 2nd day, I received a news from my customer that the parcel was actually received by her brother. Her brother was away after received it and forgot to tell her about it. Ok, at least i know it is not lost. BUT, until today, to my "surprise", it's been almost a week, and TAQBIN never ever ONCE update me anything about this.

    The SECOND case,
    Last week I purchased corrugated paper through online. But I missed the delivery guy. So I inform the store that I will arrange courier to pick up instead from their store cause if I have to wait for their own delivery service, I have to wait for another week. I arrange the pick up request as per usual. I request them to pick up a document from me at my office and deliver to the store and after that from the store to pick up the corrugated paper and deliver it to my home. Then the CS called me, said that there will be 2 courier guys to pick up and deliver cause each of them in charge of certain area. I don't find any problem with it, so everything proceed as usual.

    OK, the document was picked up and delivered to the store as per request. Case closed.
    Then, the 2nd guy who assigned to pick up the corrugated paper from the store and deliver to my home, called me. He said that Taqbin can not accept delivery of bulky item. I basically don't know how big it is and I also didn't aware that they have certain limit of measurement. Ok, it's my fault. Then I said it is fine then. Then I told him, instead of deliver the corrugated paper, then please deliver the document instead to my home. Cause it's an invoice with a little amount of cash which is to paid to the store but not needed by the store anymore since I have canceled my order. He said ok, he will deliver.

    It was 2 days ago, 18th January- 4pm when I received the call. But until now I haven't received my document back yet. Since this morning I have called Taqbin CS few times to check out how's the status. I can't track it, because I don't have the airway bill with me. I've checked with the store, and the store said that the courier guy didn't leave any airway bill to them. Taqbin said they can't trace if there is no airway bill. I tried to call the courier guy, he said he will check for me. I gave the courier guy phone no. to Taqbin in case they need it.

    I talked to one CS to another, May? Tony? And whoever it is. I repeated few times about the case, even my friends asked me why i am keep repeating telling the same thing to them. Until end of the day, what the CS told me is they will give me an update. Because I don't have the airway bill no. and only have delivery address, they need time to check it. I asked roughly by when they can give me an update. They said don't know ~ it just sounds like i wont ever get any update anymore. I asked them why the courier guy didn't give the store the airway bill? If he knows that they can't delivery bulky items, he should have also known the super basic thing which is to give airway bill for every delivery request.

    For the FIRST CASE, I have airway bill no, they also have difficulty to check and no news given at all. For SECOND CASE, I don't have the airway no., they also have difficulty to check. Is "I DON'T KNOW" all that they can give? Are they really trying to find it out? Probably now they have too many customers and they can't really take care of their customers anymore.

    I don't say their service are really 100% terrible, but myself, I have received a lot of complains from my customers and myself have also encountered many time issues with the pick up request, billing and others. They are good in some ways but if every 2-3 days I have to feel tensed because of them, I am really considering to use other courier service. Good courier service is important and crucial to me as I often need to deliver goods to my customers. And I don't wish because handling courier thingy, my nerve breaks down.

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    Default Re: Ta-Q-Bin Couriers, used to be awesome, its awful now

    i have had my items delivered by ta q bin a few times. the first few were good. but
    my last items had not been delivered to date! and had to re delivery 5 times. i think by now the whole office know my name.
    so on 26 april, it shows delivering, i was home most of the time (maybe they really came when i was out those few hours which is from 12-2), but nobody came and they nv give non delivery slip! by the time it was 18.33 the status change to undelivered.

    i called for redelivery on 27 they said could only be delivered earliest 28 before noon. waited whole morning on 28, at 11am i called again cos the status nv change. they said they would contact the branch. they called back and said will re schedule.

    re schedule to 29 before noon. and again nobody came. called again at 9am. they said confirm delivering today. but again nobody. so at 11 called in and they said re schedule so change to 5-9 slot.

    at 6pm still no change in status, called again and this time the guy picked up very polite and trying to help. he said dont wait already because the branch today have no staff so they could not get hold of the contractor (driver).

    so he asked to call him again the next morning to check with the branch. on 30 april at around 9am called but he was busy and my call was handled by another guy. he said he would contact the branch. at 9.50 received called back and they said would have to re schedule. to 1 May before noon slot.

    1 may which is today, no change in status at 10am. i called again. this time a super rude filipino woman pick up. she seems like do not want to take my call and dont bother to check with branch. all she said was the items are not delivering (as if i cant already see from the status) and she need to reschedule. asked her what happened to my items, she could not answer and just said that there is some problem with the branch. and she didnt bother to ask when i want the items to be re delivered, instead she just said she re schedule for today 5-9pm slot. so i said im not at home i want it 2-5.

    but frankly at this point, i dont think they r going to deliver my item yet again.

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    Default Re: Ta-Q-Bin Couriers, used to be awesome, its awful now

    I gave ta q bin up this year, i would pay more and find someone else i can rely more.
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    Default Re: Ta-Q-Bin Couriers, used to be awesome, its awful now

    yeah real bad, 5 days then send to my clients... i say the snails i rear travel faster and cheaper too....
    Eat breath LIVERPOOL!!!

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    Default Re: Ta-Q-Bin Couriers, used to be awesome, its awful now

    Guys, if it says in the status as "undelivered" means I need to call them for another delivery arrangement or what?

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    Default Re: Ta-Q-Bin Couriers, used to be awesome, its awful now

    Recently, their phones are never answered!! What the heck!

    Very bad service. They just failed my delivery! NEVER USE THEM!

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    might have something to do with qisahn and diablo3. lol


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