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Thread: Esplanade Theatre: seats to avoid?

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    Default Esplanade Theatre: seats to avoid?


    i've never been to the esplanade theatre, but i've had quite bad experiences with cheap tickets in other theaters...

    well, you get what what you pay for, but i just wanna ask, how are the circle 2 and circle 3 seats at the esplanade theatre? How good, or rather, how bad is the view?


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    hi Al,

    been to the concert hall only, been there many times. usually the 1st level seats are priced identically. anywhere nearish to the centre is fantastic.

    circle2 and 3 really sux. esp if u'r watching solo performances, the performer will be really tiny.

    a lot depends on the soundman that day too, miking and acoutics are very impt. sometimes when u sit at the back, it seems to be too soft. the concert hall is long etc.

    pay the best u can afford, book early for possible early bird discounts, or DBS/UOB discounts at times etc.


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    avoid the first row circle seats, walking space is so tight, then if ppl want to cross, just kena your legs one!

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    I have seat at circle 2 a few times, rather steep behind but still okay. IMO not for circle 3 as it was even steeper. So far circle 1 and foyer is still the best but the price also on the high side.
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    Thanks! Its a shame that concessions as usually offered for only the cheapest priced (worst) seats. I'll just have to pay a little more to get a better view then!


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    same here..

    can't afford.. but would like to go to the concerts.

    bought the cheapest tix for kevin kern... circle 3!.. chamz...


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