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Thread: sunday runway bike

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    Lightbulb sunday runway bike

    yesterday i i 4got about the runway cycle @ the dunno where runway...sigh missed yet anothe chance to test my aerobar. ha but my bike is old..wontreally go fast either. was contemplating whether to go bike or take pics the end i went for sunday swim anyone went for the ride or went to take pics?

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    yupz..this. maybe sehsuan went..hehe

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    Izzit boring cycling up & down a 4km straight road?

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    Well, I've driven & jogged down that stretch countless of times already, guess it's for those who've never done that in their lives?

    Btw, it's 5km runway, they probably limited the ends to protect the installations from public view.

    Sigh.. reservist...... YIPPEEE!!


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