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Thread: WTSell: Lens - Canon 100mm f2

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    Default ivanyc WTSell: Lens - Canon 100mm f2

    Advertisement Category: Want To Sell (WTS)

    Equipment Type: Lens
    Equipment Brand: Canon
    Equipment Model: 100mm f2
    Price (S$): 200 obo
    this is a fire sale. The lens had fogging previously,sent it to canon for cleaning but they could not get to the final lens element. However, it still can take great pictures. But I want to be above board and that is why I am putting a low price. You can test the lens first if uncomfortable.

    This was my backup lens. Doing a consolidation of my gear.

    Real Name: Ivan
    Contact Number: 96222965

    Condition of Item (as per guidelines): 4
    Warranty Status: expired

    only lens and filter.

    Additional Comments:
    can consider a combined offer for my other 85 and 50 with this lens

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    Default Re: WTSell: Lens - Canon 100mm f2

    I cannot keep up with the flood of smses!

    So far I have 2 offers at $200.

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    Default Re: WTSell: Lens - Canon 100mm f2

    highest offer at 215. I just want to elaborate on this fogging. Under normal light, it cannot be seen actually. I did not discover it until the I sent it in for regular servicing, Canon told me about it and cleaned what they could.

    The remaining is just very faint marks which you need to shine into the flourscent light to see it.

    Will close by tonight. Appreciate the very hot response!

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    Default Re: WTSell: Lens - Canon 100mm f2

    lens has been reserved above the obo price


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