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Thread: Manfrotto 055 TRIPOD?

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    Default Manfrotto 055 TRIPOD?

    Hi yall,

    I'm currently looking for a replacement TRIPOD (some people seem to get this wrong) for my current video/photo tripod.

    What I have in mind is the 055 from Manfrotto. But it might be too big a leap to get the 055 for me in terms of weight and bulk. But the 190 seems abit short for my use.

    Maybe someone could share his or her experience of using the 055?
    Or are there other models from other makers to recommend?

    Thanks in advance.

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    yes 055 is excellent, but alot depends on what you shoot as well as the weight of your equipment, alot of low/ weird angles, 055pro can do that, centre column can be horizontally mounted, there is the 055ab (i think) that cannot mount centre column horizontally. yes it is heavy, but for me it is worth the effort lugging it around. love the height as well, consider also the head you are using, the weight it can support, no point using a 2 kg load head with 6kg load tripod. adding head will add to height of tripod too.

    i suggest going into the shop to try

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    I can T-load (no charge) u a 055, but mine can't be horizontally mounted (different version). But to test on the height and do weight training, it is still up to the job. If you like it can just buy it from me or just return me the tripod and get a new one.

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    055. Great tripod for my height (1.89m), sturdy, wonderful design (tradition of manfrotto anyway).

    Only problem is the weight. But if you are tall, 055 is the only choice, unless u can afford a carbon fibre Gitzo. You'll grow to overcome the weight problem with time and then only continue to marvel at your choice.

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    Thanks for all the input. Just got the 055PROB. Quite happy with how sturdy it is compared to the photo/video one that I got. Will take it out for some weight training.


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    Let me guess, from MS Color, with a Manfrotto ballhead as well?

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    That's correct.... You were there just now?


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    Wow, I didn't know MS stocks 055Pro. How much did the body and the head cost respectively?

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    They have the 055PRO and a 055PROB. Both are the new version, which the only thing I have found different from the description on the website is that they come with grip paddings. Got a 488RC2 ballhead as well.

    $180 for the 055PROB, $170 for the 055PRO and $120 for the ballhead. They also have a 190PROB there if anyone is interested in getting it.


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    well, when we go for minolta outing, we'll be 1 of those few folks lugging the 055 along. Haha...


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