View Poll Results: which kids' shoes are most irritating?

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  • squeaking shoes that also glow in the dark

    6 25.00%
  • heelies

    11 45.83%
  • i luv kids and they can do no wrong

    7 29.17%
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Thread: kids' shoes

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    Default kids' shoes

    which is the most annoying?
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    though i adore kids....have to admit tt the roller shoes very irritating....could bang into them when they cut my path....and i heard its no good for the heels and ankles of the kids in the long run...

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    do they have wheelies for adults?

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    Quote Originally Posted by clive
    do they have wheelies for adults?

    i knew of an adult who want one too!

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    come think of it...skating with wheelies is quite un-ergonomic..puts a strain on the shin muscles. maybe quads too. maybe best is still stick to conventional rollerblades ;-)

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    i hate the wheelies absolutely.. sometimes i just feel like taking them off some kids who skate around in the malls and use a hammer and smash it in front of their face...
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    but they r having fun leh haiz..last time we didnt have it

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    Quote Originally Posted by clive
    do they have wheelies for adults?
    That would greatly help in my 2.4km run


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